Lightning Spell

Electrocute your enemies with a bolt of lightning!
Cast this Spell at the enemy Village to damage and stun Buildings and units inside a small area.

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelArea SplashSpell duration SecondsElixirLaboratory
21800.40.150,0004 h1201
32100.40.1100,0008 h1692
42400.40.1200,00012 h2073
52700.40.1600,0001 d2936
63200.40.11,500,0003 d5097
74000.40.12,500,0004 d5878
84800.40.14,200,0006 d7209
95600.40.16,300,0007 d77710
106000.40.116,000,00012 d 12 h103913
116400.40.118,500,00014 d109914
Training Time RangeTargets
3 m4 Tiles1Any