Poison Spell

Give your army the upper hand against enemy troops with this deadly poison!
Defending units that linger in a Poison Spell's toxic cloud will move slower, attack slower and take damage with increasing severity over time. Poison Spells do not affect structures.

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelSpell duration SecondsDark ElixirLaboratory
21610,0008 h1696
31620,0001 d2937
41643,0002 d 14 h4728
51670,0004 d5879
616110,0006 d 6 h73410
716155,0007 d77711
816230,00010 d92912
916320,00013 d 6 h106913
1016350,00015 d113814
Training Time RangeTargets
3 m8 Tiles1Ground & Air