Level 5 Barracks Required

With an appetite for destruction and high quality special effects, Bombers blow up anything in sight with bonus damage to Walls!

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitHitpoints Units per campElixirStar Laboratory
2801606051320,00016 h2404
3901806661340,00020 h2684
4901806661360,0001 d2934
51002007321900,0001 d 12 h3605
610020073211,000,0002 d4155
711022080511,200,0002 d4156
811022080511,400,0002 d 12 h4646
912024088612,200,0003 d 12 h5497
1012024088612,400,0004 d 12 h6237
1113026097413,200,0005 d 12 h6898
1213026097413,400,0005 d 12 h6898
131402801,07213,900,0006 d7209
141402801,07214,100,0006 d7209
151503001,17914,700,0006 d 12 h74910
161503001,17915,300,0006 d 12 h74910
RangeDamage typeFavorite target
3.5 Tiles122 sArea SplashGroundWall (Damage x15)

Bouncing Bomb

LevelDescriptionDamage per secondDamage per hit
1Bounces twice and causes 80 damage each time it lands32080
2Bounces twice and causes 100 damage each time it lands400100
3Bounces twice and causes 120 damage each time it lands480120
4Bounces twice and causes 140 damage each time it lands560140
5Bounces twice and causes 160 damage each time it lands640160
6Bounces twice and causes 180 damage each time it lands720180
7Bounces twice and causes 200 damage each time it lands800200
8Bounces twice and causes 220 damage each time it lands880220
9Bounces twice and causes 240 damage each time it lands960240