Flying Fortress

You'd think putting wings on a castle would result in disaster, but those rules don't apply to Flying Fortress. With a payload of Skeleton Gliders, this aerial acropolis delivers punishing bombardments.

Spawned units: Skeleton Glider

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitSpecial AbilityHitpoints Spawned unitsSpecial AbilityLaboratory
1300600capitalfortressspawner Level 112,000101None0None
2325650capitalfortressspawner Level 213,500121None02
3350700capitalfortressspawner Level 315,000141None03
4375750capitalfortressspawner Level 416,500161None04
5400800capitalfortressspawner Level 518,000181??5

Special Ability Special Ability
Skeleton Crew

1Defends itself with Skeleton Gliders and releases 22 angry Skeletons when defeated.
RangeDamage typeFavorite target
4.5 Tiles1002 sSingle TargetGround & AirDefenses