Mountain Golem

This monstrous mountain may move as slow as molasses, but do not underestimate his mineralized mitts. Mountain Golem mauls his enemies with the might of...well...a mountain. Literally.

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitDamage when destroyedHitpoints Special AbilityLaboratory
18002,400300 [ 2.5 Tiles ]30,0001None0None
29002,700350 [ 2.5 Tiles ]33,5001None02
31,0003,000400 [ 2.5 Tiles ]37,0001None03
41,1003,300450 [ 2.5 Tiles ]40,5001None04
51,2003,600500 [ 2.5 Tiles ]44,0001??5

Special Ability Special Ability

1Destroys all Walls simply by touching them.
RangeDamage type
2 Tiles1603 sArea SplashGround