Electro Dragon

Level 13 Barracks Required

Possessing iron-tough scales and a breath of devastating lightning, the Electro Dragon's favorite thing is raining destruction from above. When vanquished, the Electro Dragon even pummels the ground with lightning strikes!

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitNumber of targetsSpecial AbilityHitpoints ElixirLaboratory
12408405electrodragondie Level 13,200NoneNone0None
22709455electrodragondie Level 23,7006,300,0005 d6579
33001,0505electrodragondie Level 34,2007,000,0005 d 12 h68910
43301,1555electrodragondie Level 44,5009,600,0009 d88111
53601,2605electrodragondie Level 54,80018,000,00012 d101812
63901,3655electrodragondie Level 65,20020,000,00014 d109913
74201,4705electrodragondie Level 75,50022,000,00016 d117514
Training Time RangeDamage type
6 m2.5 Tiles303.5 sSingle TargetGround & Air