Level 4 Barracks Required

These pesky little creatures only have eyes for one thing: LOOT! They are faster than a Spring Trap, and their hunger for resources is limitless.

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitHitpoints ElixirLaboratory
214143045,0005 h1341
3191936175,0009 h1803
4242450500,00012 h2075
53232651,200,0001 d2936
64242802,000,0001 d 12 h3607
752521053,000,0003 d5098
862621265,600,0006 d72010
9727214616,000,00013 d 6 h106913
UpgradeTraining Time RangeDamage typeFavorite target
Sneaky Goblin7 s0.4 Tiles11 sSingle TargetGroundResources (Damage x2)