Hog Glider

Level 11 Barracks Required

The real riders in the sky. They have a great track record in getting over Walls, but are not very good at avoiding crashes.

Spawned units: Hog Rider

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per hitHitpoints Spawned unitsUnits per campSpecial AbilityElixirStar Laboratory
22206501214,000,0005 d 12 h6899
32206501214,200,0006 d7209
42206501224,400,0006 d7209
52206501225,400,0006 d 12 h74910
62607001225,800,0006 d 12 h74910

Special Ability Special Ability
Stunning Glide

1Stuns the target for 5 seconds on impact.
2Stuns the target for 6 seconds on impact.
RangeDamage typeFavorite target
0.5 Tiles120.2 sSingle TargetGroundDefenses