Ice Golem

Level 8 Barracks Required

The Ice Golem has a chilling personality and absolutely zero sense of humour. He frosts over everything he touches, freezes his surroundings when destroyed and ices up when talked to at a party. On defense his freeze effect is smaller and has a shorter duration.

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitSpecial AbilityHitpoints Dark ElixirLaboratory
12448icegolemfreeze Level 12,600NoneNone0None
22856icegolemfreeze Level 22,80055,0002 d 20 h4949
33264icegolemfreeze Level 33,00085,0004 d5879
43672icegolemfreeze Level 43,200100,0005 d65710
54080icegolemfreeze Level 53,400125,0006 d 12 h74910
64488icegolemfreeze Level 63,600240,00011 d97412
74896icegolemfreeze Level 73,900335,00013 d 6 h106913
852104icegolemfreeze Level 84,200360,00015 d 12 h115714
Training Time RangeDamage typeFavorite target
2 m 30 s1 Tiles152 sSingle TargetGroundDefenses