Ice Hound

Level 6 Barracks Required

Free from all that lava-induced indigestion, the Ice Hound is ready to freeze the flow of battle. Chill out, or else.

Spawned units: Ice Pup

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitSpecial AbilityHitpoints Spawned unitsSpecial AbilityLaboratory
124icehoundfreeze Level 17,50061None0None
248icehoundfreeze Level 28,00071None01
3612icehoundfreeze Level 38,50081None01
4816icehoundfreeze Level 49,00091None01
51020icehoundfreeze Level 59,500101None01
61530icehoundfreeze Level 610,000121??1

Special Ability Special Ability
Best Served Cold

1Ice Hound's attacks slow down the target. Upon defeat, the Ice Hound freezes its surroundings.
NormalTraining Time RangeFavorite targetDamage type
Lava Hound6 m 40 s0.25 Tiles40Air Defense2 sSingle TargetGround