Level 14 Barracks Required

This heavy-hitting furry fellow digs cold weather and his Yetimite buddies. Hurt him, and you'll make the Yetimites real angry.

Spawned units: Yetimite

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitHitpoints Spawned unitsElixirLaboratory
22502503,20097,000,0006 d72010
32702703,500109,000,0007 d77711
42902903,7001117,100,00012 d101812
53103103,9001219,000,00013 d 18 h108913
63303304,1001321,000,00015 d113814
Training Time RangeDamage type
3 m0.8 Tiles181 sSingle TargetGround