Level 12 Barracks Required

These sneaky shovelers burrow underground, pass beneath Walls and pop up right next to their targets. While underground, Miners cannot be damaged and will not trigger Traps, but still gain bonuses from Spells.

Any values listed below are subject to change before update releases.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per hitHitpoints ElixirLaboratory
288149.66102,500,0002 d4158
396163.26703,200,0003 d5098
4104176.87303,800,0004 d5879
5112190.48005,000,0004 d 6 h6059
61202049005,800,0007 d77710
7128217.61,0008,000,0008 d83111
8136231.21,10016,500,00011 d97412
9144244.81,25018,500,00013 d 6 h106913
10152258.41,40020,500,00015 d113814
UpgradeTraining Time RangeDamage type
Super Miner30 s0.6 Tiles61.7 sSingle TargetGround